Membership Information

Membership Information

Center membership is open to any faculty-level investigator at UCSF or a neighboring institution who has a research interest in liver biology or disease. Membership offers scientific community in the form of seminars and workshops, access to core services and eligibility for special Center funding opportunities.

Criteria for Liver Center Membership

Full Membership

Full membership requires active participation in funded research focusing on the liver or a biological process directly relevant to the liver. Full members must have PI or Co-I status on a research grant related to liver or a basic science field with relevance to liver. Recipients of career development awards (“K” or equivalent) are eligible for Full membership. The membership roster is reviewed and updated each year based on these criteria. 

Associate Membership

Associate membership requires active participation in liver-related research but does not include a prerequisite for current research funding relevant to the liver. Recipients of Liver Center Pilot/Feasibility awards are automatically granted Associate membership for three years with the option to continue if they remain dedicated to liver research. The membership roster is reviewed and updated each year based on these criteria. 

Note to Trainees

Trainees do not have official membership status, but they are encouraged to participate in Center activities in conjunction with their faculty mentors. Trainees in transition to faculty positions are eligible to apply for Liver Center Pilot/Feasibility awards.

Responsibilities of Liver Center Membership

  • Use of Liver Center Core Facilities (at least once per year)
  • Acknowledgment of Liver Center support (NIH P30 DK026743) in all relevant abstracts and publications; comply with NIH Public Access guidelines for all publications
  • Participation and/or presentation in Liver Center Educational and Enrichment Activities
  • Liver Center Seminars and Mini-Symposia (at least once per year)
  • Annual Advisory Board Symposium (at least once every other year)
  • Continued engagement in liver-related research, based on funding and publications


Apply for Membership

Applications for membership are accepted year-round and reviewed monthly. Instructions for application can be downloaded here.