Liver Cell Biology, Plasticity and Transformation

Liver Center members affiliated with the theme Liver Cell Biology, Plasticity & Transformation study normal and abnormal processes of liver cell proliferation. They investigate topics such as liver organogenesis, stem cell biology and carcinogenesis.  Their clinical interests range from liver cell transplantation and other regenerative therapies to treatment of liver cancer.

Liver development and regeneration Stem cell biology  Liver and biliary cancers
Tammy Chang  Tammy Chang  Xin Chen
Ajay Chawla Bruce Conklin Carlos Corvera
Tippi MacKenzie Calvin Kuo Andrei Goga
Bruce Wang  Jacquelyn Maher James Grenert
Rong Wang Aras Mattis Jennifer Guy
Holger Willenbring Melanie Ott Robin Kate Kelley
  Bruce Wang  Chris Lau
  Holger Willenbring Alexander Monto
    Julien Sage
    Daniel Vigneron
    Robert Warren
    Holger Willenbring
    Francis Yao