Fostering innovation and collaboration in liver research
About the Liver Center
The UCSF Liver Center is one of 17 Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers (DDRCC) in the United States, whose purpose is to enhance research productivity and collaboration among scientists with similar interests.
Research Themes of the Center
The overall focus of the Center is on integrative biology of the liver. Research in the Center is organized into 3 themes: Liver Injury, Repair & Transplantation​, Hepatic Metabolism & Metabolic Derangements, Liver Cell Biology, Plasticity & Transformation​.
Core Services of the Center
The Liver Center operates four biomedical core facilities to expedite and enhance the research performed by Center members. The Cores are designed to provide liver-specific services that are unavailable elsewhere within or outside UCSF.

Welcome to the UCSF Liver Center

The Liver Center is a consortium of 60 researchers who share a common interest in liver biology and disease. The goal of the Center is to integrate bench science with clinical investigation, in support of its vision to understand and cure human liver diseases.

The physicians and scientists of the Liver Center are committed to improving understanding of liver biology and alleviating suffering from liver diseases. Read More.

Jacquelyn Maher, MD

Program Director, Liver Center


Featured Publications

Webb BA, Dosey AM, Wittmann T, Kollman JM, Barber DL. The glycolytic enzyme phosphofructokinase-1 assembles into filaments. J Cell Biol 2017; epub Jun 23. PMID: 28646105. (Bradley Webb - Pilot/Feasiblity Awardee)

Perito ER, Lustig RH, Rosenthal P. Prediabetes in Pediatric Recipients of Liver Transplant: Mechanism and Risk Factors. J Pediatr 2017 Mar;182:223-231.e3. PMID: 28041666; PMCID: PMC5328850. (Emily Perito - Pilot/Feasibility Awardee; K23 Awardee)

Duwaerts CC, Amin AM, Siao K, Her C, Fitch M, Beysen C, Turner SM, Goodsell A, Baron JL, Grenert JP, Cho SJ, Maher JJ. Specific Macronutrients Exert Unique Influences on the Adipose-Liver Axis to Promote Hepatic Steatosis in Mice. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 2017 Apr 22;4(2):223-236. PMID: 28649594; PMCID: PMC5472193.

Liver Center News

Center Members to Recieve New Grants

Tammy Chang, MD, PhD

R01 DK114311 - The role of matrix rigidity and hepatocyte mechanotransduction in fibrotic liver disease

Michael Ohliger, MD, PhD

R21 EB023605 - Exploring combined hyperpolarized 13C
MRI with liver-specific gadolinium contrast agents for improved metabolic assessment of liver tumors

Monika Sarkar, MD, MAS

K23 DK111944 - Androgens and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: the role of "male" sex hormones in women with NASH