Liver Injury & Repair

Liver Center members affiliated with the theme Liver Injury & Repair study responses to infectious and toxic insults to the liver. The group includes experts in immunology and extracellular matrix biology, as well as clinicians and scientists who focus on viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, autoimmune liver diseases and cirrhosis. Treatment strategies for liver disease, including liver transplantation, are included in this theme.

Viral, toxic, autoimmune liver diseases Hepatotoxicity and hepatic immunology Liver Fibrosis Liver Transplantation
Peter Bacchetti Jody Baron Jody Baron Sandy Feng
Jody Baron Stewart Cooper Peter Bacchetti Ryan Gill
Michael Busch Sandy Feng Montgomery Bissell Sang-Mo Kang
Stewart Cooper Hobart Harris Claus Niemann Jennifer Lai
Ryan Gill Holly Ingraham Stephen Nishimura Emily Perito
Chanda Ho Sang-Mo Kang Dean Sheppard Marion Peters
Mandana Khalili Lewis Lanier Holger Willenbring Jennifer Price
Susan Lynch Averil Ma   John Roberts
Alexander Monto Marcus Muench   Monika Sarkar
Michael Ohliger Jean Publicover   Minnie Sarwal
Melanie Ott James Ryan   Peter Stock
Marion Peters Minnie Sarwal   Norah Terrault
Jennifer Price Peter Stock   Francis Yao
Jean Publicover Qizhi Tang    
James Ryan      
Michele Tana      
Norah Terrault      
Benjamin Yeh