Hepatic Metabolism & Metabolic Derangements

Liver Center members affiliated with the theme Hepatic Metabolism & Metabolic Derangements study a variety of processes pertinent to liver function, from the most fundamental aspects of cell differentiation to genetic differences in human populations that cause variations in drug or nutrient metabolism.

Several researchers in this group are interested in hepatic lipid metabolism and fatty liver disease. Others study hepatic processing of nutrients, bile acids and xenobiotics.

Nutrient and xenobiotic metabolism  Genetics and genomics  Lipid metabolism and fatty liver Liver cell biology
Leslie Benet Nadav Ahituv Ryan Gill Nadav Ahituv
M. Almira Correia Laura Bull Andrei Goga D. Montgomery Bissell
Kathleen Giacomini Kathleen Giacomini Holly Ingraham Laura Bull
Marc Hellerstein Ronald Krauss Shingo Kajimura Tammy Chang
Ronald Krauss   Mandana Khalili M. Almira Correia
    Suneil Koliwad Marc Hellerstein
    Jacquelyn Maher Holly Ingraham
    Aras Mattis Suneil Koliwad
    Michael Ohligher Calvin Kuo
    Emily Perito Andreas Stahl
    Jennifer Price Eric Verdin
    Monika Sarkar Daniel Vigneron
    Andreas Stahl  
    Phyllis Tien  
    Eric Verdin  
    Jen-Chywan Wang  
    Ethan Weiss  
    Allison Xu