Major Gifts

Major Gifts

Laboratory for Liver Research - $2.5 million

Research pertaining to liver disease is faster and more productive when investigators are in close proximity, so that they can share ideas and resources.  Your gift could realize this goal by establishing a central laboratory dedicated entirely to liver research.  This laboratory would be an important hub for scientific discovery and the development of new therapies for liver disease. 

A gift of $2.5 million would be used in two ways. $500,000 would be devoted to set-up of a physical laboratory and laboratory administration, including the purchase of shared equipment. The remaining $2 million would be used to establish an endowment to sustain the laboratory’s future activities.

Endowed Professorship - $1 million

A gift of $1 million would create an endowed professorship dedicated to the advancement of liver research. This would enhance the Liver Center's influence by enabling the recruitment or retention of an outstanding investigator whose career is dedicated to understanding and treating liver disease.