Microscopy and Imaging

Microscopy and Imaging

Liver Center light/epifluorescence microscope with digital camera and morphometry software.  The Pathology & Imaging Core is equipped with its own Nikon Microphot-FXA microscope suitable for light and epifluorescence microscopy, located on the ZSFG campus (Bldg 40, Room 4102).  Objectives range from 4X to 60X, and fluorescence filters enable visualization of DAPI, Hoechst, FITC, rhodamine and Texas red dyes.  A SPOT digital camera permits light and fluorescence photography.  Morphometry can be performed with Simple PCI software owned by the core. 

Prospective users of the microscope must first be trained and certified on the equipment and software.  Investigators with limited needs, such as photodocumentation of individiual slides for presentations, can contact the core for assistance.  To learn more about using the microscope or obtaining assistance with microphotography, please contact Caroline Duwaerts

Other UCSF microscopy cores.  UCSF has several microscopy cores outside the Liver Center that are open to Center members for liver-related research.  Each core has a unique collection of instruments and software (confocal, 2-photon, TIRF, FRAP, DIC, Light Sheet), so users are encouraged to review the links below to determine which one is best suited to your application.

Center members are eligible for discounted rates when using UCSF microscopy cores for liver-related research.  If you wish to receive the Liver Center discount, please contact the Liver Center administration here before scheduling work.

** Consider BIDC only for studies requiring novel instruments or methods