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Norah A. Terrault, MD, MPH

Research Interests

My research focuses on the natural history and treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV), particularly in special populations, including those undergoing liver transplantation. Work in progress addresses the natural history of post-transplant disease and specific therapies to prevent infection or modify HCV and HBV disease progression and loss of grafts from recurrent disease. Our virological analyses are focused on characterization of viral mutations that occur in liver transplant recipients receiving antiviral therapies and assessment of the effect of these variant viruses on the natural history and severity of disease post-transplantation. Knowledge of these factors may allow improved organ allocation by identifying subsets of patients with HCV recurrence in liver grafts who would be favorable or unfavorable candidates for retransplantation.

Selected Publications

  • Terrault NA, Dodge JL, Murphy EL, Tavis JE, Kiss A, Levin TR, Gish R, Busch M, Reingold AL, Alter MJ. Sexual transmission of HCV among monogamous heterosexual couples: The HCV partners study. Hepatology. 2012 Nov 23. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Terrault NA, Roland ME, Schiano T, Dove L, Wong MT, Poordad F, Ragni MV, Barin B, Simon D, Olthoff KM, Johnson L, Stosor V, Jayaweera D, Fung J, Sherman KE, Subramanian A, Millis JM, Slakey D, Berg CL, Carlson L, Ferrell L, Stablein DM, Odim J, Fox L, Stock PG; Solid Organ Transplantation in HIV: Multi-Site Study Investigators. Outcomes of liver transplant recipients with hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus coinfection. Liver Transpl. 2012 Jun;18(6):716-26.

  • Lai JC, O'Leary JG, Trotter JF, Verna EC, Brown RS Jr, Stravitz RT, Duman JD, Forman LM, Terrault N; Consortium to Study Health Outcomes in HCV Liver Transplant Recipients (CRUSH-C). Risk of advanced fibrosis with grafts from hepatitis C antibody-positive donors: a multicenter cohort study. Liver Transpl.  2012 May;18(5):532-8.

  • Saxena V, Lai JC, O'Leary JG, Verna EC, Brown RS Jr, Stravitz RT, Trotter JF, Krishnan K, Terrault NA; Consortium to Study Health Outcomes in HCV Liver Transplant Recipients. Recipient-donor race mismatch for African American liver transplant patients with chronic hepatitis C. Liver Transpl. 2012 May;18(5):524-31.

Norah Terrault
  • Professor
  • Medicine/Gastroenterology

Research Theme

  • Liver Injury and Repair

Contact Information

  • 521 Parnassus Ave.
  • Box 0538, C-328
  • San Francisco, CA. 94143 - 0538

Other UCSF Affiliations

  • Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
  • Hellen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

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