Consultation & Training

Consultation and Training

Basic training in cell analysis and processing of small tissue samples.  Core staff provide training and certification on all equipment operated by the Core.  Importantly, they also offer instruction in the principles of cell analysis and sorting (antibody selection, fluorophore selection, controls and compensation), particularly as they apply to liver cells. Core personnel can optimize antibody panels for multi-color flow cytometry and train users to extract live cells and nucleic acids from small tissue samples such as human liver biopsies.

Advanced training and experimental assistance.  For more experienced clients, Core personnel make themselves available for consultation regarding data interpretation and analysis using a number of software platforms including FlowJo and Diva. In addition, they work collaboratively with Liver Center members to develop and optimize novel cell sorting protocols.  They are familiar with a wide range of instruments in the Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core and can introduce Center members to the application of new analytical techniques to their liver-related research.

To learn more about Immunology & Cell Analysis Core training and consultation, or to schedule training on core instruments, please contact Core personnel here.