Patient Cohorts

Several Liver Center members have their own patient cohorts spanning a variety of populations and diseases.  Some of these cohorts are data collections, others are biospecimen collections, and some comprise both.  The investigators on this list are available for contact about collaborations that may make use of their cohorts.  If you are interested in learning more about or using one of these collections, please email the contact PI using the link below.      

Cohort Clinical Data specimens Contact PI
AIH X   Marion Peters
Autoimmune hepatitis X   Michele Tana
Cholestatic disorders X X Laura Bull
End-stage liver disease X   Marion Peters
End-stage liver disease / liver transplant (adult) X X Jennifer Lai
Hepatitis B X   Marion Peters
Hepatitis B/C X X Mandana Khalili
Hepatitis B/C X X Norah Terrault
Hepatocellular carcinoma   X Xin Chen
Liver mets from colorectal CA   X Robert Warren
Liver transplant recipients   X Ryan Gill
Liver transplant (pediatric) X X Emily Perito
Metabolic studies of insulin action w/wo viral hepatitis X X Mandana Khalili
NAFLD/NASH X X Jacquelyn Maher
NAFLD with/without HIV X X Jennifer Price
Obesity X X Suneil Koliwad