Biostatistics Services

Biostatistics Services

Basic Biostatistical Support.  The Clinical & Translational Core offers statistical analysis as a service to Center members. Core analysts are experienced in liver research and familiar with large data sets such as the UNOS database.  They utilize several software packages including SAS and Stata and R.  Analysts are available to assist with:

  • study design, including the establishment of inclusion and exclusion criteria, sample size and power calculation
  • data analysis, through development of descriptive statistics
  • data interpretation and reporting, including drafting of statistical methods and results for abstracts or manuscripts

Center members in need of statistical support must first submit am Intent Form to Jennifer Dodge.  Because of high demand for statistical services near abstract and meeting deadlines, clients must honor the Core's submission policies to ensure timely project completion.  Projects directly related to applications for research grants or to manuscript revisions are given highest priority.

To learn more about biostatistics services or for help initiating a project, please contact Jennifer Dodge.  Pricing information for biostatistics support can be found here.    

Advanced Biostatistical Support.