Biospecimen Acquisition & Storage

Biospecimen Acquisition and Storage

Liver Center members wishing to collect and process biospecimens can enlist the UCSF Biospecimen Resources (BIOS) Program for assistance.  BIOS is particularly useful for investigators needing to collect biospecimens from patients undergoing surgery.  BIOS staff will work directly with Liver Center members to fulfill their IRB-approved specimen collection needs.  This reduces the need for individual faculty to dispatch their own research staff to the operating room.  Importantly, BIOS staff are trained to coordinate and fulfill the needs of many investigators simultaneously.  This ensures reliable and efficient tissue collection for all interested scientists, with minimal interruption to the surgical team. 

BIOS can also process and store biospecimens collected from outpatients.  They have an established workflow for transporting and receiving specimens from the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses. 

BIOS uses the Labvantage laboratory information management system (LIMS) and will help Liver Center investigators use this system to coordinate clinical data with biospecimens.  They also offer long-term biospecimen storage, and will coordinate retrieval and shipment of samples outside UCSF when necessary. 

To learn more about how BIOS can help you with biospecimen collection, click here.

UCSF pricing for BIOS services can be found here.  The Liver Center discounts this service for its members by subsidizing a portion of the cost of biospecimen collection and sotrage.  If you wish to receive the Liver Center discount, please contact the Liver Center administration here before scheduling work.