Immortalized cell lines

The Cell Biology Core maintains an inventory of several cell lines from human and mouse liver cancers.  Some (marked *) require a material transfer agreement before release.  Cells can be provided as frozen stock or plated in culture.  Please inquire for further details, including pricing. 

HCC - human Biliary - human HCC - mouse
CRL2233 (SNU398) HLE HuCCT1 (ICC) Akt Ras
CRL2234 (SNU449) HLF KMBC (extrahepatic) Akg-Ras-Cre
CRL2235 (SNU182) HuH-7 KMCH (HCC/ICC) AML12
CRL2236 (SNU475) KKU-156 Mz-CHA (Gallbladder) EC4*
HEP293TT (hepatoblastoma) MUCC97-L*   HCC4-4*
Hep3B PLC    
Hep-40 SK-HEP-1